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LAURIE stands for well-being

LAURIE stands for well-being. It’s our mission to bring women well-being through our garments. Both on the outside when you’re wearing comfortable high-quality materials against your skin, and on the inside when you see a stylish and confident woman in the mirror. Not to mention when you feel the comfort of the ideal fit.

We call it Wearable Well∙being.


Since 1987, we have created garments for women of all ages, and from the very beginning, we have praised diversity by offering a wide range of fits and sizes. Diversity is still the cornerstone of our design philosophy because it’s worth celebrating and embracing the many beautiful shapes and sizes of the female body.

Our signature is timeless and unmistakably Scandinavian. Finally, our styles are so simple that they don’t belong to a particular period. The purpose is to create long-lasting items you want to keep or pass on.


At LAURIE, we only design garments we can vouch for. From the first drawing to the last stitch and in future circulation, we always keep environment and people in mind. We must be able to vouch for the origin of the materials, and that also goes for the sewing rooms in Europe where the skilled sewing team brings our designs to life. Unsaleable surplus products should be useful somewhere else, not burnt at an incineration plant. A few years ago, it became fashionable to talk about ’sustainable fashion’. However, manufacturing new garments is not sustainable.

It takes enormous natural resources, and hence, we must be thoughtful and select with care when manufacturing new garments. We only want to create honest and considerate items which are flattering and comfortable at the same time. 


You may not think about it in your everyday life, but the skin is the largest organ of the body. At LAURIE, we believe that your skin deserves gentle attention. For this reason, we were proud to be OEKO-TEX® certified in 2016 as the first Scandinavian women’s brand. OEKO-TEX® is the world's leading label for textiles and your guarantee that the garments have been tested for more than 300 harmful substances. Many of us carefully select the lotions and oils we apply to our skin because they penetrate deeply into the body. Unfortunately, the same happens if you wear garments containing harmful substances. Therefore, we believe that both materials and prefabricated garments should be selected with the same care as we select lotions and oils.  


It’s a jungle to navigate through labels and statements declaring climate friendly intentions. Transparency is often non-existent, resulting in confused consumers. At LAURIE, we believe in full transparency, and it’s our responsibility to offer our customers high-quality products and keep them informed of our choice of materials and our value chain.

Therefore, our behaviour is documented through certifications such as OEKO-TEX®, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and the EU Ecolabel (the “EU Flower”). The requirements to achieve these certifications are getting stricter, partly due to the critical state of the climate, partly due to the development within technology and textiles. As a natural consequence, we are required to have our certifications renewed every year. The documentation work is comprehensive, and independent experts may always carry out spot checks across the entire value chain.

This work doesn’t appear directly from our garments. However, our certifications document that they meet the multitude of strict requirements. Essentially, it’s all about safety.

Yours and that of the environment. 


At LAURIE, we base everything we do on the mantra: It’s got to feel right. When it comes to the choice of materials,manufacturing facilities, and business partners. When it comes to design and donations; and when it comes to our flat organisational structure where we trust each other's judgement.

We believe in each other, and we believe in our products. As a company and brand, we are also committed to inspire to conscious and responsible consumption. For the same reason, we work with a triple bottom line with an integrated focus on: People, Planet, and Profit. We never focus solely on selling as many items as possible. Instead, we focus on selling high-quality items. We will inspire to buy less but better.